30 random facts about Jimmy

  1. Bought his first SLR at age 10 with lawn-mowing money.
  2. He lives in Decatur but is not a vegan.
  3. Favorite type of photography is portraiture.
  4. Lives with 4 females: a wife, two daughters and a dog. Would not have it any other way.
  5. Sometimes tells bad jokes when shooting.
  6. Used to carry a K1000 in a courier bag when he was an actual bike messenger.
  7. Once directed a TV commercial featuring a teenager eating a donut out of a garbage can.
  8. Twice ran a half marathon but is under no illusion that two halves equals a whole.
  9. Thinks great technique beats great equipment everyday.
  10. Daughter with peanut allergy has taught him to be more vigilant.
  11. Thinks camera + light = truth. And JPEG + Photoshop = whatever.
  12. Prefers shooting real people to models.
  13. Raced bicycles back in the day.
  14. Spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about light.
  15. Has collided on a bicycle with more than 1 Marta bus.
  16. Is surprised you made it this far in this silly list.
  17. Had a boss in 1995 with a $15,000 1 mp Fuji digital camera who said it was the future of photography.
  18. Someday wants to drive a tank.
  19. Was told by high school photography teacher he had a gift. Promptly decided to be a professional writer.
  20. Once climbed Mt Rainer. Also once drank Rainer beer.
  21. Does not really miss film but owns Fluid Films.
  22. Once lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Had only one “bear encounter.”
  23. Thinks great photos should tell a story.
  24. Went to portfolio school for writing but hung out with the photographers.
  25. Would rather chimp than carry a light meter.
  26. Does not take photos of your Hipstamatic or a Lomo.
  27. Was on the cycling team at GSU.
  28. Will not ask you to make a goofy pose. Ever. Wait, nevermind.
  29. Knows fixing it in post always takes longer.
  30. Obsessed with light modifiers and IPAs.

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